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Anti-Ageing Properties of Ayurvedic Cosmeceuticals

Anti-Ageing Properties of Ayurvedic Cosmeceuticals

Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals use ingredients with anti-aging properties which harness rejuvenating benefits, while protecting the skin from the effects of aging.

Ayurvedic treatment aims to slow the ageing process by bringing optimal function to the body and peace to the self. Longevity is therefore an important consideration. Rather than based on a desire to live longer, the principle is based on fulfillment and the connection of mind, body, and self. To support this philosophy, Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals use ingredients with anti-aging properties which harness rejuvenating benefits, while protecting the skin from the effects of aging.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, youthful and healthy skin is achieved by balancing the three doshas with a daily skincare regime. The doshas: kaphapitta, and vata reflect different properties of the skin:

  • Kapha relates to the circulation of blood and nutrients to the skin. To balance kapha, cosmeceuticals with gentle exfoliating properties and warm oil massages are needed.
  • Pitta in balance means that metabolic mechanisms are functioning for adequate chemical and hormonal balance of the skin. This is achieved with cosmeceuticals such as facial oils and those with sun protective properties.
  • Vata relates to the moisture balance in the skin. To balance vata, Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals should nourish and rehydrate with warm oils and self-massage to maintain a youthful appearance.

Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals feature herbs known for their anti-ageing properties. Read on for a list of these properties, followed by a focus on two important Ayurvedic ingredients, boswellia serrata and Gotu-Kola.

  • Varnya – youthful radiance
  • Sandhaniya – protection from every day wear and tear
  • Tvachya – enhancing and nurturing
  • Tvachagnivardhani – strengthening the metabolic mechanisms of the skin
  • Tvagrasayana – maintenance of overall skin health and slowing of aging
  • Shothahara – anti-inflammatory
  • Vayasthapana – age defying activity
  • Vranaropana – deep healing

Shothahara herbs have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which protect the skin. They ward off allergens, chemicals, inflammatory substances, and even stress. Inflamed areas of the skin result in micro-scars, which develop into wrinkles over time. Therefore, anti-inflammatory agents are essential to cosmeceuticals which target aging. Boswellia serrata is a shothahara herb. Also known as Indian Frankincense, it is used in the Ayurvedic management of skin inflammation.

To enjoy the benefits of this shothahara herb, try indiraa Age Recharge Serum in conjunction with indiraa Age Recharge Moisturiser. Apply the serum to cleansed skin daily for hydration and a radiant glow. Follow with the rich and dewy moisturiser to support the skin with vitamins B and C for skin brightness and elasticity.

Vayasthapana means ‘arresting age’ and the strength of the anti-aging properties of these herbs make them most effective at balancing the three doshas. Vayasthapana herbs nourish the skin and promote optimum physiological functions. Gotu kola is an exceptional vayasthapana herb, as it enhances collagen synthesis.

In addition to being a vayasthapana herb, it is also a vranaropana herb as it promotes wound healing. For the benefits of gotu kola, try the codayati Renewal System nightly after cleansing. Codayati Renewal System accelerates the effects of the nourishing indiraa products, to banish fine lines and pigmentation issues.

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