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  1. Amala Clearing Serum
  2. Kaanti Brightening Serum
  3. Ayurvedic skin care serum for sensitive skin
  4. Indiraa Age Recharge Serum
  5. Karmin Bio Active Vitamin A + Squalene + CO Q10
  6. 3-Step Ayurveda Skin Care Collection | Anti-Ageing | Vata
  7. Codayati Renewal Retinol 1% | Vitamin A Pure Retinol
  8. Age Recharge Duo Pack
  9. Ayus Superior B Infusion I Vitamin B3 Booster
  10. 3-Step Ayurveda Skin Care Collection | Oily Skin
  11. Jala 4D HA + Tremella Serum
  12. Vasu Vitamin C + Resveratrol I Antioxidant Booster

Face serums are a great step in between cleansing and moisturising. There are many different types of face serums, each designed for specific skin types. For instance, a serum for oily skin will differ greatly from one... Read More