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Face Toner Online Australia

Refresh your skin with a face toner

When it comes to your skin, you need to be sure of your cleansing routine. A face toner is an essential part of your daily skin care regime. It provides a quick dose of hydration and removes dead cells off your skin surface instantly.

The toner works well on both normal and combination skin types. The rich plant extracts gently refine your skin texture and remove any skin impurities such as dirt, oil and dust.

If you are looking for a face toner in Australia, don’t forget to check out a variety of face toners at AWE Cosmeceuticals. We are proud to present our collection of facial toners that help to minimise skin pores and creates a smooth and shiny appearance. For example, try our saman Sandalwood Pitta Tonic which combines the subtle scent and cooling properties of Sandalwood.

Our skin toners remove traces of oil and grime from your pores. You can add this safe and effective skincare product to your daily routine and witness the changes yourself. The toner also balances your skin’s pH level and improves skin tone.

Face toner for women

Women's skin is more prone to acne and congestion due to the regular use of makeup and other external factors such as pollution and stress. If you have oily skin or an oily T-Zone, then we highly recommend you choose our very best face toner for women. The toner contains salicylic acid that minimises oil production and removes skin impurities.

Face toner for men

Men’s skin also requires extra cleansing like women. Restore the pH balance of your skin with the regular use of our face toner for men. The toner adds an extra protective layer and tightens the skin pores which reduces the direct penetration of contaminants to your skin.

Need help deciding which face toner to buy for your skin type?

Email us or click here to book a 20 minute personal Zoom consultation with our founder Rebecca and who will help you determine the face toner for your skin condition. Alternatively, browse our collection below to find your best face toner online.


The first thing you need to do while identifying a face toner is identify the skin type. Depending on whether you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin – match the toner to your skin type.

Face toners are good for men as they hydrate the skin. The choice between choosing face toners or not completely depends on you, but it certainly does not have any negative effects.

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