• Oily & Combination Skin | Ultimate Collection
  • Oily & Combination Skin | Ultimate Collection

Oily & Combination Skin | Ultimate Collection



The Oily & Combination Skin | Ultimate Collection includes everything you need to to help reduce breakouts, acne, oiliness and congestion. We've got you covered from daily, to weekly routines to detoxify and balance your skin. It is packaged in a natural cosmetic bag with a 100% Bamboo face cloth.

Our Oily & Combination Skin Collection is high in vitamins and essential fatty acids, often missing in this skin type.

In Ayurveda oily/combination skin is often associated with Kapha dosha. It requires detoxifying and purification.

The use of some amazing Ayurvedic herbs renowned for wound healing, antioxidant and anti bacterial benefits along with highly concentrated actives is definitely the start to clearer skin.

Remember to check your Ayurvedic profile as well to make sure your food and lifestyle habits are best for you and your skin!

Here is a complete step-by-step guide for treating oily and combination skin.

50ml vimala Gentle Cleanser - Designed to remove make-up and pollution.  Our Gentle Cleanser has a gel like consistency with a mild amount of foaming. It contains antioxidants and probiotics for a gentle clean and maintaining of the skin’s slightly acidic pH.

30ml samskrta Skin Polish - Used weekly the Skin Polish gently sloughs off superficial dead skin cells with natural jojoba beads and gluconic acid to provide both a mild physical and chemical exfoliant. It contains CoQ10, niacinamide and cranberry extract to brighten the complexion and provide antioxidant support. Best left on the skin for several minutes to attain optimum results.

50ml zaakti Purifying Tonic - A blend of Olive leaf extract, peppermint and green tea to energise the skin and help with excess oil production.

20ml ayus Superior B Infusion Vitamin B Booster with 15% Niacinamide, Vitamin C, anti-ageing peptide and Ayurvedic Complex for assisting with large pores and balancing skin hydration.

30ml amala Clearing Serum - The ultimate serum for alleviating breakouts. Featuring anti microbial peptide, Ayurvedic actives, and rice bran extract. Easily absorbed and lightweight this serum can be used over the entire face or applied as a spot treatment for breakouts. 

30ml tula Enzyme Hydra Lotion - A beautiful lightweight daily lotion to keep skin hydrated. It works beautifully under make-up and is full of plant enzymes to keep pores clear and free from skin and oil build up.

30ml karmin Bio Active Vitamin A - Vitamin A is the ultimate vitamin for ageing skin and ours comes in the form of retinoic acid. Retinoic acid has excellent bio availability, meaning your skin can absorb it and utilise it! Vitamin A is essential for cellular health and also helps regulate cellular turnover. Combined with Squalene from sustainable sugar cane, hemp seed oil and Co-enzyme Q10, this is literally food for your skin. Please note, for sensitive skin, commence using this 1 to 2 times  a week and build up to 3 to 4 times a week.

65g jamba Clay Salicylic Acid Mask - Our clay mask combines the silky feel of Moroccan lava clay, 2% Salicylic acid and Ayurvedic oils of coriander and holy basil to help purify oily and congested skin. 

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