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Kansa Wand For Sale Australia

Kansa wands for face and body

Kansa, pronounced khan-sah, is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper and tin (bronze). It is said to be one of the most innovative alloys in history, created some 5,000 years ago. The metal was developed in the Indus Valley by the same culture that is believed to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda.

The Kansa Wands balances your body pH levels and chakras. It is a specialised Ayurvedic skin care healing tool used for promoting blood circulation and treating signs of skin ageing.

Ayurveda is the oldest complete healing system in the world, offering a holistic and natural approach to a healthy life. The metal Kansa is called the 'healing metal' in Ayurveda and is often used over Marma points, which are the points where tissues meet areas of life force.

Kansa wands for face and body

AWE Cosmeceuticals offers Kansa wands for sale in Australia. The Kansa wand is used with various movements, including circular, zig-zag, sweeping movements and figure 8. The most important aspects when massaging with the Kansa wand are to start of the right hand side and then move to the left hand side, ensuring the same amount of time and number of strokes is used on both sides.

Benefits of Kansa wand

Using Kansa wands help revitalise your skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and removes toxins and restores your energy. Kansa massage can also clear up acne and reduce puffiness and brighten the skin.

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Kansa massage with Kansa wand

    Kansa massage can be applied as facial massage, body massage and / or foot massage.

    When performing Kansa massage, we recommend using zithila Multi Oil for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

    You can read more about Kansa wands and Kansa massage here.

    AWE Cosmeceuticals provides Kansa wands in Australia along with other skincare and beauty products. Get in touch with our team and explore a wide range of safe, effective and natural products online.

    Click here to book a 20 minute personal Zoom consultation with our founder Rebecca and who can help determine which Kansa wand to use and how to get the best treatment for your skin.

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