About AWE

AWE Cosmeceuticals™ is a proudly Australian owned skin care company. We are committed to delivering the highest quality, innovative, medical grade skin care solutions, based on extensive Ayurvedic studies fused with the latest western scientific findings.

Founded in 2010 by Rebecca Powne, (B.A., Ayurvedic Studies, London, UK, B.H.Sc., Clinical Dermal Therapies, Australia), AWE Cosmeceuticals™ is the culmination of two decades of Rebecca's dedication to the natural health and beauty industry and her passion for result-driven ingredients.

As the vice president of the Australian society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC), 2009-2010, and having worked seventeen years in specialised clinics, Rebecca has first hand knowledge of common skin concerns and the optimum way to treat these conditions.

To release AWE, Rebecca worked in consultation with some of Australia’s most experienced formulating chemists and continues to do so to ensure that our products are developed utilising the most up-to-date technology in raw ingredient extraction and process. We want to deliver the best to you!

Rebecca loves to share her obsession in all things natural care and Ayurveda with you, through hands-on creation of new products and monthly blog topics as requested by you, our valued customers. Rebecca is also regularly consulted and interviewed by industry press as an expert in her field. Like many of us, Rebecca strives to enjoy a work-life balance and in her down-time enjoys yoga, family time, fitness, travel and her beautiful alpacas!