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AWE Cosmeceuticals™ is a proudly Australian owned and operated skin care company. We are committed to delivering the highest quality, most innovative, medical grade skin care products that work for everyone. And we believe quality skin care should be affordable.

We have designed our products based on the learnings from Indian Ayurvedic medicine combined with the latest western scientific findings. Our range of Australian Ayurvedic skin care caters to a wide variety of common skin concerns.


"I am inspired by educating women about Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and how it relates to their skin. My passion is ingredients and I love sharing this knowledge I have for skincare by creating cosmeceutical grade products that achieve results. I feel empowered and uplifted when others embrace this knowledge and appreciate the honest and caring advice. Women who use AWE feel positive about their choices for quality skincare and embrace a holistic lifestyle. They feel confident, informed, inspired and happy. Their skin glows from beauty inside and out."

Founder, Rebecca Powne B.A., Ayurvedic Studies (Indian Medicine) London, UK, B.H.Sc.,Clinical Dermal Therapies, Melbourne, Australia and VicePresident of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC),2008-2010.

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To design and produce her product range, Rebecca worked in consultation with some of Australia’s most experienced formulating chemists. This has resulted in a set of products that have proven to make a real difference to people's skin - and broadly on people's wellbeing in conjunction with Ayurvedic lifestyle advice.

All our products are manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards using the most up-to-date technology in raw ingredient extraction and process.

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"I guess you can say I am a bit obsessed with all things natural, and especially with Ayurveda. Please join me in experiencing the profoundness and joy of ancient Indian Ayurvedic teachings and how they are more relevant than ever in this busy world we now find ourselves in. I will always try and answer your questions on email or via our social media channels, so please don't be shy in reaching out to me."

Rebecca is also regularly consulted and interviewed by industry press, fellow women skin / beauty entrepreneurs and with her 20+ years experience is considered an expert in her field.

Like many of us, Rebecca strives to enjoy a work-life balance and in her down-time enjoys yoga, family time, fitness, travel and her beautiful alpacas! Her favourite travel destinations are India and Sri Lanka and she is currently planning her next Indian adventures to Kerala.