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Showing Gratitude This Mother’s Day

Showing Gratitude This Mother’s Day

For the gift of reconnecting with Mother Nature and your own mother this Mother’s Day, enjoy yoga together at sunrise.

Showing Gratitude This Mother’s Day

Hindu religious leader, Amma, said “Nature is our first Mother. She nurtures us throughout our lives. Our birth mother may allow us to sit on her lap, but Mother Nature patiently bears our weight our entire life. Just as a child is obligated to his birth mother, we should feel an obligation and responsibility toward Mother Nature.”

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded that the gift of life from our mothers is like the gift of life from Mother Nature to all on earth. The labouring birth of a child, in all its resilience and beauty, is reminiscent of the re-birth the Mother Nature generates with flood and fire. A bounty of virtues we extol in our mothers are true also of the Earth. Patience, unconditional love, and acceptance are three examples that we can pay mind to this Mother’s Day.

The importance of gratitude to our mothers

Vedic traditional celebrations express gratitude to the mother, father, then guru (teacher). Mother is the spark of creation and movement of time. The power of her shakti (dynamism) materialises existence. Likewise, conception within a mother’s womb depends on her incredible energy to enable life. Mother’s Day is a reminder to show gratitude to our mothers and other parental influences. We are shaped by their teachings, for Mother Nature imbues them with the answers they need to raise us.

Like our relationship with Mother Nature, the relationship with our mother has a profound effect on our experience of life and how we view the world. Listening and communicating with both will help us achieve a more fulfilling life for ourselves, and the Mothers.

Ayurveda and our true selves

At the core of Ayurveda is the teaching that we are one with nature. Our mind-body constitution is called our dosha. The doshas are the embodiment of air, ether, water, fire, and earth. Therefore, what is found in nature is also found within us. But we are segregated from the bounty of Mother Nature because of our modern lives. Following the holistic philosophy of Ayurveda allows us to reconnect with nature and our true selves.

This Mother’s Day

For the gift of reconnecting with Mother Nature and your own mother this Mother’s Day, enjoy yoga together at sunrise. Be outdoors to revel in the glory of nature and share this special time together as you are filled with good prana or vital life-force.

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