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Rosacea Skin Care

For blog website Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterised by redness (erythema), visible capillaries (talangiectasia) and in some cases inflamed papules and pustules. As it occurs predominantly on the centre of the face the sufferer often finds the condition a source of discomfort and embarrassment. The causes of Rosacea are presently still unknown; however there have been studies which demonstrate a possible link to the involvement of the demodex mite and intestinal bacteria. Most people with Rosacea find that they have certain ‘triggers’ which may exacerbate the condition and learn to avoid those. These may possibly include: alcohol, spicy foods, sun exposure, stress, anxiety, the intense heat from such things as hot showers and steroid intake. In mild cases Rosacea can be treated effectively with topical serums. In more serious cases clinical methods are available which may reduce the redness and inflammation. Thinking in Ayurvedic terms, people who suffer from Rosacea normally have an abundant Pitta dosha. Characteristics of the Pitta dosha in terms of skin type are redness, and skin that is easily inflamed. By keeping the Pitta dosha in balance, the negative symptoms to Rosacea can be kept to a minimum. If you personally suffer with Rosacea, you should try adding cooling foods such as melons and turmeric to your diet. Recommended rosacea skin care products: Calming Serum, Clearing Serum, Night Balm

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