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Looking After The Windows To Your Soul (Infographic)

Looking After The Windows To Your Soul (Infographic)

Reverse the signs of ageing and look younger with AWE’s jiva Eye Concentrate+!


Looking After The Windows To Your Soul

We all know that our eyes are “the windows to the soul” and that they show our emotions. But did you know that they also indicate our inner health too? So how can we add a little sparkle to our eyes?


Ayurveda tells us that the Pitta dosha embodies the light and fire elements and governs our eyes, and its imbalance can result in dry eyes, eye strain and crows feet. So rest your eyes, have long and restful sleep, and take regular breaks from screens and bright light.


A disturbed Kapha dosha can result in puffy eyes, and good nourishment can calm the imbalance. The antioxidants provided in nuts, corn, broccoli, spinach, carrots, pumpkin and papaya are good addition to your diet.


Reducing your intake of alcohol, caffeine and sugar-rich, carbonated, and ice-cold drinks will help to deliver optimum eye health.

Home Treatments

Dark circles under your eyes indicate an imbalance in Vata or Pitta. Try placing cotton pads soaked in milk over your closed eyes, or mixing a some room temperature ghee with water  in an eyecup and place over each eye for 5 minutes.

Next Level AWE treatment

An eye cream rich in amazing actives to achieve needle free results with natural collagen & elastin fillers will take your eye care to a whole new level. Our jiva Eye Concentrate+ (just dab around the eyes), delivers a gentle but powerful treatment with the benefits of Grape seed oil and Indian frankincense.

Reverse the signs of ageing and look younger with AWE’s jiva Eye Concentrate+!

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