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Hot Yoga Skincare Tips

Hot Yoga Skincare Tips

Skin will be left feeling energised with a post-yoga glow. Follow these tips to hydrate the skin and achieve a hot yoga glow!

Hot Yoga Skincare Tips

If you enjoy hot yoga but have been wondering why you never seem to achieve that hot yoga glow, your approach to skincare may need some attention. Hot yoga sculpts the muscles, relieves stress by elevating the heart rate, and detoxifies by flushing toxins through the skin. However, skin can be left dry from the heavy loss of water through sweating. Follow these tips to hydrate the skin and achieve a hot yoga glow!


To detoxify successfully, the body needs help with hydration. Drinking more water in the lead up to a hot yoga class makes it easier for the body to flush out impurities.

It’s important not to wear makeup to hot yoga class. Makeup will impede the detoxification process and can allow bacteria to collect on the skin. This can result in acne breakouts. Remove makeup and any other impurities that have built up during the day by thoroughly cleansing with vimala Gentle Cleanser. Vimala has papain for gentle exfoliation and willow bark as an anti-bacterial agent. Add a touch of zithila Multi Oil directly to the skin for additional hydration, with non-clogging oils like jojoba and raspberry seed. Alternatively, try a light product like nirvaata Calming Serum, which has antioxidants and fatty acids to alleviate skin irritation.

During workout

As well as continuing to hydrate when needed, it’s important to leave skin alone and avoid excessive touching. Try not to wipe the sweat away because this will result in blocked pores. Let it flow unobstructed. Wiping at the sweat will also transfer bacteria from the hands to the face.


Sweat is a natural function of the body. As such, it helps to restore the body’s natural pH balance. After class, allow the skin to complete its sweating phase, leaving untouched for 10-15 minutes. Then splash several times with cold water. Because sweating flushes toxins through the skin, allowing the sweat to linger on the skin too long can result in the re-absorption of the toxins. After splashing with water, proceed with the following steps to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate:

  • Cleanse skin with vimala Gentle Cleanser, with willow bark to assist in the removal of bacteria and gotu kola for clearing the complexion.
  • Spritz with zaakti Purifying Tonic, with peppermint oil and green tea to re-energise and promote cell turnover.
  • Instead of shaanta, use rasadana hydrating mask, with papaya ferment extract and organic honey for luxurious hydration.

Skin will be left feeling energised with a post-yoga glow.

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