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Healthy Skin From Within

Healthy Skin From Within

Be careful about what goes into your body, practice a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare regimen..

Healthy Skin From Within


Skin is the largest organ of your body, but because it is an external one, we often forget that what goes on within our bodies also affects our skin.

1. It’s what’s inside that matters

Ayurveda teaches us that our overall health, including the health of our skin, relies on internal balances. Being careful about what you put into your body will help keep that balance.

2. Knowing your skin

There are different triggers for problem areas of your skin. Breakouts on your cheeks could indicate bacteria transfer from pillowcases or mobile phones, and T-zone problems could reflect poor circulation or stress.

3. Drawing on the earth’s resources

An anti-oxidant rich diet helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream and can be found in fresh berries, nuts, wild caught fish, and leafy greens. Add good hydration – lots of water – and your skin will thank you, with vibrance and clarity.

4. Ward off stress hormones

The hormones associated with stress – cortisol and adrenalin – can impact your skin’s ability to heal itself. Regular exercise, particularly yoga, can provide stress relief and increase your circulation.

5. Right products at the right time

Help keep bacteria at bay with AWE’s vimala Gentle Cleansersamskrta Skin Polish and amala Clearing Serum. And to relieve stress, soak your body (or just your feet!), in a warm bath containing our sandhya Meditation Bath Salts.

Be careful about what goes into your body, practice a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare regimen, and be rewarded with a good night’s sleep, a calm start to the day, and glowing skin.

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