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Learning To Be Kind To Yourself

Learning To Be Kind To Yourself

Following the philosophy of Ayurveda, you can be kind to yourself from the inside out, to lead a happy and healthy life.

Learning To Be Kind To Yourself

We live in a fast-paced world, beholden to responsibilities. It is easy to forget how to be kind to ourselves when we are so caught up in meeting deadlines and others’ expectations. But it is also difficult to be kind to others when we don’t treat ourselves with the respect and gentle care we deserve. Following the philosophy of Ayurveda, you can be kind to yourself from the inside out, to lead a happy and healthy life. We show you how:

Be honest with yourself

Set the tone for your day with a short meditation. Take the time to breathe and consider your goals and intentions. It is important not to overwhelm yourself with the belief systems of others, but to be honest about your own values. Those around you may be pushing their bodies hard to change their appearance to meet societal expectations.

Instead of doing what others are doing, why not cast a more long-term, positive light on your goals? Do you want to be fit and healthy enough to travel in your later years? Or well enough to be present for your children and grandchildren as they grow? Use your intentions to set realistic goals and realistic steps to achieve them. Don’t turn your life upside-down. Be gentle.

Inspire yourself

Be kind to yourself by making time to do the things that bring you joy. Give yourself positive affirmations to repeat throughout your day. Try writing one on your mirror each morning. Look at yourself and repeat your positive affirmation. Research has shown that experiencing three positive emotions to every one negative emotion is enough to experience a happy life.

Practise yoga for wellbeing of the mind and body. A gentle swim or walk in the sunshine is excellent for inspiring the mind and nourishing the soul. Relax in a warm bath with sandhya Meditation Bath Salts. The bath salts include Cinnamon Berry for alleviating stress and activating the heart chakra, helping you to love yourself. Try using sandhya Meditation Bath Salts as a foot soak to help you unwind at the end of a long day.

Forgive yourself

Write down any feelings of guilt or blame you have been holding onto. Writing it down will help cleanse you of lingering bad feelings. You are allowed, and in fact encouraged, to spend time on yourself. Forgiving yourself and being happy helps you as well as those around you.

Rest yourself

Enjoy enough deep sleep every night to wake feeling refreshed. To benefit the most from your wonderful rest, apply the rasadana Hydrating Mask to your face before you sleep. Organic honey, organic aloe vera, and papaya ferment extract soothes your skin, with a mild, pleasant scent, helping you drift into a calm sleep.

We invite you to further explore our website for more guidance on being kind to your mind and body.

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