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Layering your skin care for best results

Layering your skin care for best results

Here’s a little help on how to apply skin care products and how long to leave between each layer.

Firstly, wash off products are designed to not remain on the face for long, therefore they are likely to have higher levels of fragrances, and less ability to penetrate the skin. After cleansing your skin, a toner may be used.

Now the use of a toner can be a little controversial. I believe a toner, one not based on alcohol, can be useful for oily skin types and when performing further skin treatments to ensure skin is super clean or if heavy make-up has been removed. After this preparation your skin is ready to absorb something targeted to your skin type and/or skin concern. For example, an anti-ageing serum containing Hyaluronic Acid, to help plump and smooth the appearance of the skin.

A serum generally contains a high level of active ingredients, with a light, easily absorbed texture. This product remains in contact with the skin for long periods, therefore the purity and lack of nasty preservatives is quite important.

I recommend no other product to be applied, until the serum has fully absorbed. A well formulated serum usually penetrates very quickly, however 2 to 3 minutes would normally be reasonable. Let’s face it, we are usually looking forward to bed, or off to face the day, so time is important!

Although there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to layering skin care products, there is no harm is giving up to 10 minutes between serum and moisturiser. I actually find my skin feels better when leaving a longer time between the serum and the moisturiser. Another point to remember is that warm skin will absorb product quicker.

After the serum has had time to absorb, apply your chosen eye cream & moisturiser. The moisturiser should be lightly patted into the skin. As for layering with make-up, once again allow moisturiser to settle on the skin and partially absorb, prior to using a primer or applying make-up.

Some products are designed not to be used with others, usually because of incompatible ingredients. This is a tricky area and one reason why sometimes mixing active ingredients from different skincare can be problematic.

Looking for a quick morning routine or a weekend pampering skincare blitz….here we go!

Quick morning routine!

1. Cleanse with AWE Cosmeceuticals Gentle Cleanser, rinse well

2. Apply 1 to 2 pumps of your chosen Awe Cosmeceuticals serum, allow 2 to 3 minutes to absorb

3. Pat 1 to 2 pumps of Rejuvenate over face and neck.

4. When applying make-up, allow Rejuvenate to not completely absorb for best results.

Luxury weekend skincare blitz

1. Cleanse face thoroughly with AWE Cosmeceuticals Gentle Cleanser, If wearing make-up, repeat

2. Apply your chosen AWE Cosmeceuticals serum, allow to absorb thoroughly

3. Apply a few drops of Awe Cosmeceuticals Multi Oil to fingertips and massage thoroughly over face and neck. Use firm circular movements an upwards and outwards direction. Gently pinch along the eyebrows in an outward direction. Use the index fingers to pulsate along the cheek bones (sinus area), also toward the outer edge of the face. Finish by massaging the temples with firm circular movements.

4. Apply AWE Cosmeceuticals Hydrating Mask and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Prepare a warm bowl of water with a soft cloth or bamboo face towel and wring out. Gently press over the face to remove any excess mask and then remove and massage any remain mask in to the skin. Say hello to soft, hydrated and dewy skin.

Happy layering!


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