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Spring Skin Survival – The Ayurvedic Way

Spring Skin Survival – The Ayurvedic Way

Here are some skincare tips this spring!

Spring Skin Survival – The Ayurvedic Way

Hooray for Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to detox! This means both your skin and body need a clearing out after the winter. Typically during winter we eat heavier, more comfort foods which increase the kapha dosha. Kapha foods tend to be heavy and oily. Kapha also can make us stuck in routines, therefore spring is the perfect time to change things up.

Kapha dominates late winter and early Spring, this is why at these times of the year catching a cold is common and results in excess mucous, fatigue and congestion.

Pitta dominates in late Spring, when we should look at more cooling practices and avoid hot, spicy and sour foods.

Exercising outside is a fabulous thing for the body during spring. Start early and stimulate your digestion with a warm lemon water first, this also helps elimination. Your diet during Spring should consist of lighter eating than winter and focus on foods with more astringent, bitter and spicy (early spring) tastes. Keep away from heavy, oily and sweet foods. Ideally Spring is the perfect time to do that elimination/detox diet to help cleanse the liver and digestive organs.

In terms of our skin, often we drink less water in winter due to the colder days. Ensure you up your water intake during Spring and ensure you are using an SPF as the days get longer!

A light peel or exfoliation is wonderful at this time of the year, especially if you suffer from dry skin in the cooler months. This may also mean choosing a lighter moisturiser to deal with the warmer days. If you are prone to pigmentation, start using a lightening serum before summer. Summer is when pigmentation often darkens, so try getting in beforehand with products that help control excess melanin production.

Remember to wear bright colours for spring, as this also helps improve our mood!

As always, please feel free to comment below or ask a question.

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