The Sattvic Diet

Last month I introduced Gunas, which are likened to mind dosas. You can read about our last blog here to gain a little background.

This month I wanted to focus on improving the Sattvic qualities within ourselves through the food we eat.

Firstly, undertaking a Sattvic diet and lifestyle approach is aimed at conscious development, balance of the mind and body, sharpness of intellect, purity, compassion and to cultivate a calm mind, with clear thoughts. It also relates to spiritual strength.

Sattvic qualities are those we find which align with mindfulness. Being present in the moment, being grateful, finding acceptance and forgiveness and helping out others in need (animals and humans!).

Sattvic qualities are also found in food, listed below are foods which fall into this category.

  • Wholegrains & legumes
  • Preservative free
  • No animal products which cause harm to the animal
  • Fresh, seasonal organic fruit and vegetables
  • Mildly sweet foods, unrefined sugars
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Herbs/spices, holy basil (tulsi), coriander

Ayurveda does accept animal products, honey, milk and ghee are widely used.

As the quality of the food is important, so too is the preparation and consumption. The kitchen should be calm and pleasant. Attention and mindfulness are important to impart a loving and caring energy during the food preparation. How the ingredients are handled, spices ground and the love that goes into the whole operation is vital. This positive energy is absorbed by the food and so to aids in digestion once the food is consumed.

A Sattvic diet is generally recommended for the improvement of the mind. Obviously there are other benefits. However one should also be aware of individual dosha imbalances, where alternative diets may be called for to combat an imbalance.

I’d love to hear any benefits you have had changing to a more Sattvic or plant based diet, preparing and eating food with awareness.

Next blog will look at the Sattvic mind qualities and how we can incorporate mindfulness into our daily routine.




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