The Sattvic Mind


In our first blog about the doshas of the mind series I talked about three, rajas, tamas and sattva. Just like the doshas of your body, these also all reside within us. Each has a function, for example if we are in tamas, feeling lazy and full of negativity, we cannot get to sattva, without passing through rajas. Rajas represents action and doing, without which we cannot move forward.

Like most things in life, there is a choice to balance out the less favourable and boost the positives, both in mind and body. So, how do we create a more sattvic state?

Sattvic qualities are attained through conscious choices. One way is to be less reactive to situations. Instead, wait before responding and think about what you will say. Even in heavy traffic, it is the ability to breathe and accept where you are in that point in time. Allow yourself to be more calm, centred and accepting.

You make the decision about how something or someone makes you feel. Be kind in your words and thoughtful in all you do, it may really surprise you the difference it makes not just in you, but how others react around you.

Avoid getting caught up in negative talk patterns with certain groups of people. Change the topic and stop re-hashing the same concerns.

Daily sattvic routine

  • Walk before sunrise -  Ok, so let’s be honest this is not always practical! However just sometime in nature each day is beneficial for the mind. I always find nature a remarkable energiser and well worth the effort.
  • Meditate daily - I also think time spent writing a gratitude journal is a suitable exercise to contemplate on the positives and learn to release negativity or situations that caused you stress, anger or sadness.
  • Apply some routine to daily waking, eating, and sleep cycles. This is ideally related to your dosha type vata, pitta or kapha.
  • Eat with consideration and avoid other activities whilst you are eating, such as sitting in front of your computer! Be grateful for the food you have. See our suggestions for sattvic foods here.
  • Be engaged in your work and contribute to your community.

Being more sattvic in your thoughts, actions and diet is aligned with mindfulness and gratitude. It also helps to bring clarity to the mind and promotes health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.


We'd love to here if you have made any of these inclusions into your lifestyle and any changes that occurred.



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