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Summer Skin Care…the Ayurvedic way

Summer Skin Care…the Ayurvedic way

Here are some Ayurvedic skincare ingredients for the summer months..

Summer Skin Care…the Ayurvedic way

Search history for the future of skin care…ancient Ayurveda predicts the best in skin care this SUMMER!

With summer comes dry, hot air…all exacerbating the naturally fiery properties of the Pitta dosha. So, it’s important to counteract this, with cooling practices across your food, lifestyle and of course your skin care regimen! Cooling, calming & hydrating properties are paramount when looking at Ayurvedic skincare ingredients for the summer months.

A few well known Ayurvedic ingredients which are perfect for pacifying pitta are, Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), Green Tea, Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha), Neem, Gotu Kola and Sunflower Oil.

Dehydration of the skin is common in the warm summer months, this is also linked to air conditioning which does not allow perspiration and your skin to effectively ‘breathe’. Perspiration allows the skin to remove toxins and also releases pollution and grime which may accumulate in the pores. After sweating, make sure you cleanse your skin to remove this surplus debris. In addition to the skin benefits, sweating aids in regulating the body temperature, may help stress levels and is even thought to improve our immune system.

Perspiration can also mean that excess moisture is leaving our skin and we need to replace this to keep our complexion in balance. Using a Hydrating Mask at night can do wonders for your skin, especially if you are in very humid conditions and are only able to wear a light moisturiser during the day.

Make the most of hydrating serums, with ingredients like Hyaluronic acid (Age Recharge Serum), to aid in hydrating the skin at a deeper level. Serums are generally concentrated, active formulas which are targeted at specific skin concerns. Do remember that serums are best absorbed on a clean, exfoliated skin!

Finally your diet and lifestyle will also impact on your skin health and should be tailored accordingly for each season. Avoid pitta aggravating foods such as, hot and spicy dishes, sour dairy foods including, yoghurt, sour milk and cottage cheese; fruits should be sweet, not sour or unripe as the sour taste will aggravate pitta.

In general avoid pungent, sour and salty tastes and instead opt for sweet, bitter and astringent flavours to pacify pitta and keep cool. Work in a cool environment and take time out for gentle, non-strenuous leisure activities such as walking, swimming and yoga.

Finally, don’t forget the sunscreen! An effective sunblock of SPF 30+ should be worn during the summer. Remember look for a sunblock which is effective against UVA & UVB rays. You do not need to be outside in the sun to suffer the ageing effects of UVA damage. This wavelength causes premature ageing, even through windows and remains fairly constant year round.


vimala Gentle Cleanser – with cooling Green Tea, Gotu Kola & Sandalwood.

samskrta Skin Polish – with Gluconic Acid to help deeply replenish lost moisture.

indiraa Age Recharge Serum – with Hyaluronic Acid to also deeply replenish skin.

rasadana Hydrating Mask – with skin soothing Honey, Aloe Vera and Gotu Kola.

zithila Multi Oil – rich in Jojoba and Raspberry Seed Oil to help soothe minor skin irritations often caused by warmer weather such as dry, taut skin, rough hands, elbows, feet.

Enjoy the sunshine…safely! x


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