Our top 4 summer skincare tips

Summer is almost here, and that means your skin will start to feel the heat! Pitta, the fire element, rules the hot summer months and you may find that you need to take steps to placate Pitta to stay healthy and balanced. We're sharing our top summer skincare tips to help you glow this season!

1. Hydration is key...

    As the weather warms up, our bodies demand more hydration, with the sun starting to draw out moisture from our skin and hair. The first step in any summer skincare routine should be to stay well hydrated and that means drinking lots of water throughout the day. Also consider a lighter diet that will help balance the doshas and alleviate all the unwanted effects on the body and skin. Avoid pitta aggravating foods such as hot and spicy dishes, sour dairy foods including, yoghurt, sour milk and cottage cheese; fruits should be sweet, not sour or unripe as the sour taste will aggravate pitta.

    2. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

      The sun can increase sebum production, which can cause your skin to look oily. Combined with sweat and dirt, pores can get clogged. Incorporating a cleansing routine at the beginning and end of the day will encourage cleaner, fresher skin. Our vimala Gentle Cleanser suitable for all skin types, gentle enough for daily use and will remove excess oil, make-up and pollution without leaving the skin tight and dry.  

      3. Stay calm

      Cooling, calming & hydrating properties are paramount when looking at Ayurvedic skincare ingredients for the summer months. Dehydration of the skin is common in the warm summer months, and only aggravated by humidity and air conditioning. Our rasadana Hydrating Mask is the perfect way to relieve dry and dehydrated skin and can do wonders for your skin, especially if you are in very humid conditions. A hydrating serum with ingredients like Hyaluronic acid will also aid in hydrating the skin at a deeper level - start by applying our saman Sandalwood Pitta Tonic to combat irritation and dehydration, followed by our jala 4D HA + Tripeptide Serum. This serum will be your hydration saviour and boasts four different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, allowing for immediate, mid and long term hydration for your skin.  

      4. Don't forget sunscreen!

        Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen! At a minimum, SPF 30+ should be worn during the summer months to counter the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. This is even more important if you are regularly using active ingredients in your skincare, such as Retinol. 

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