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Can You Become Immune to Your Skincare Products?

Can my skin get too acclimated to skincare products, making them less effective?

Can my skin get too acclimated to skincare products, making them less effective?

We harp on and on about developing a regular skincare routine but what if your skin starts getting used to the products and stops showing results? Can this happen? Short answer, no. 

Your skin doesn’t build up an immunity to skincare products over time because there is no such direct mechanism. When you apply a product, your skin’s receptors will take it in, and it will go to work immediately to perform its function. Granted your chosen products are made with high-quality ingredients that match your skin type.

However, there is an exception. In the case of using topical prescription retinoids, Skin can build up a tolerance, but not a tolerance against their effectiveness but to its negative side effects (Which means less peeling and dryness!).

But then, why did I notice a big improvement when I first started a new skincare routine?

It's an all-too-familiar situation: You purchase an incredible serum and its love at first application. You use it every single day because you love the results! But over time, you notice that your skin looks less glowy and not as extraordinary as the first few days. Has the serum lost its magic?

Well, not really. What’s happened is that your skin has reached a visible plateau where your chosen product has started to fade unwanted pigmentation from your skin and developed a more even-toned look. It is a simple perception situation in that what you are seeing is the new normal. The improvement is not drastic anymore, it's slow and subtle. 

Should I change my routine? 

Now, it’s been a few months but you haven’t noticed any positive changes in your skin from using a certain product. Should you change it? Yes. You should change your skincare products and alter your routine AS REQUIRED.

The thing is that your skin is a living organ that evolves. This means that age, climate, hormones, stress and any number of reasons that we may never even know, can all greatly contribute to a change in how your skincare products might behave. Hence, it’s a good idea to access your skincare and customise them. 

Weather change is often a good indication to update your skincare routine. Your skin requires different levels of pampering based on the weather. Warmer weather means increased humidity and sun exposure, making skin more prone to oiliness and clogged pores. While winter weather can lead to dryness & flakiness leaving your skin looking dull and feeling tight. 

However, if you find yourself changing your skincare because of boredom, you may be a serial skincare switcher-upper. The best advice we can offer, in this case, is to not be too quick to change, especially if something has been working and keeping your skin in a good, happy place.

When is it necessary to switch my skincare routine?

What if your current skincare routine is not only not working for your skin type but also causing irritation, dryness or redness? CHANGE IT OUT! 

Since every skin is different, not all products work for everyone. So simply said, your product might be the wrong choice for YOU. Products that use fragrances and preservatives are often too harsh for certain skin types. This is why skin consultation is an important step when developing a personalised skincare routine. 

AWE products are made with handpicked natural ingredients. This ensures that our products are suitable for all skin types. So you get all the medical benefits without any of the drawbacks!

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