December is often chaotic for most people, with numerous end of year tasks. We can literally become exhausted and burnt out just fitting everything we are 'supposed to do'. 

Both Vata and Pitta can be aggravated at this time of the year. Firstly, too much rushing, late nights and poor routine are all going to disrupt Vata. This means anxiety, poor digestion, feeling frazzled and suffering from dry skin.

Pitta on the other hand is dominant due to the warmer weather. Too much heat may cause Pitta to become out of balance which may result in anger, short temper, skin irritations/redness and increased Agni (digestive fire), which can cause diarrhoea which may lead to lack of nutrient absorption.

How to balance Vata and Pitta during the silly season.  Avoid excessive alcohol, this is aggravating to both Vata and Pitta. If you are going to have a few drinks, do stay hydrated and drink water after every alcoholic drink to help hydrate and flush out toxins.

Salads are great for Pitta, however Vata should include some warm/cooked elements to avoid a completely raw meal. Think sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot. These root vegetables are wonderfully balancing for Vata and very nutritious too, with high amounts of beta carotene. Add some seeds too, for some essential fatty acids, try chia, sunflower and pepitas.

Pitta can stay cool by drinking cold drinks, Vata is best to stick to room temperature water.

Remember that December is a good time to take stock of what you have achieved during the year. Reflect on the good and let go of the negatives. Most of all be grateful for all the experiences and lessons you have learned during 2017. 

Wishing you all peace, happiness and abundance XX


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