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Copper Tongue Scraper

  • $12.00

Traditionally used in Ayurveda to clean the tongue in the morning. The tongue scraper helps remove coating on the tongue which contributes to bad breath and accumulation of bacteria. According to Ayurveda the coating of the tongue is a build-up of ama (toxins) and is a sign of kapha excess in the body.

Improve taste perception

Reduce bad breath

Reduce bacteria

Improve overall oral health

Areas of the tongue also reflect organs in the body, therefore there is an energetic connection which may have positive effects on the rest of the body!

The tongue scraper is recommended to be used first thing in the morning. Take the curved edge as far back as comfortable on the tongue and scrape forward. Work the middle and each side of the tongue, using approximately 7 strokes. If you find this induces the gag reflex, try being more gentle and starting further forward on the tongue.

Copper naturally oxidises over time. To regain the shine of your tongue scraper apply a combination of lemon and salt to it. Rub with a cotton cloth and rinse. Dry with a clean cloth.

Our packaging uses airless dispenser technology, which allows us to deliver a 100% natural preservative system, and ensures there is minimal product wasted.

We are proud to provide our skin care range in packaging that is fully recyclable.

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