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Copper Drink Bottle

  • $39.00


Our beautiful copper drink bottles are handmade in India. Leave your water overnight to charge with copper ions and drink in the morning to balance your doshas. Copper is antibacterial in nature and a necessary trace mineral in the body. 

Re-useable and avoids single-use plastics.

Firstly wash your copper bottle thoroughly prior to use. Apply some oil, such as coconut oil around the thread on the cap of the bottle to lubricate the silicone ring.

Only fill with cold or room temperature water and never with acidic products. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Copper naturally oxidises over time. To regain the shine of your bottle apply a combination of lemon and salt to the outside of the bottle. Rub with a cotton cloth and rinse. Dry with a clean cloth.

Our packaging uses airless dispenser technology, which allows us to deliver a 100% natural preservative system, and ensures there is minimal product wasted.

We are proud to provide our skin care range in packaging that is fully recyclable.

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