• 3-Step Ayurveda Skin Care Collection | Oily Skin

3-Step Ayurveda Skin Care Collection | Oily Skin



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Help reduce excessive oiliness and associated breakouts in three easy steps with the help of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda from AWE Cosmeceuticals.

Presented in a beautiful Indian paisley jute cosmetics bag, this pack contains:

50ml vimala Gentle Cleanser 

30ml amala Clearing Serum 

30ml tula Enzyme Hydra Lotion

100% Bamboo face cloth

The vimala Gentle Cleanser is a combination of gentle surfactants, the mild exfoliating qualities of papain and antioxidants Green Tea and Gotu Kola for a clear complexion. It is a gel, lightly foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types.

The amala Clearing Serum  is a powerful yet gentle combination of Oligopeptide-10, an antimicrobial peptide which acts against acne causing bacteria (Propionbacterium acnes), Ayurvedic ingredients Coleus Forskholii root Oil, Indian Frankincense, Honey, Green Tea and Rice bran extract for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The tula Enzyme Hydra Lotion is a 100% natural moisturiser which combines enzymes of Pineapple and Papaya to help avoid congestion and keep pores clean. Ideal for normal / combination skins requiring a balancing moisturiser with a mattifying finish. Perfect for teenage skin too!

The serum and moisturiser combination is essential for oily skin suffering from congestion and acne. Use twice daily for best results. 

amala, the essence of purity