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The Kansa Wand's Role in Ayurveda

The Kansa Wand's Role in Ayurveda

Learn why is a Kansa Wand important in the practice of Ayurvedic philosophy..

The Kansa Wand's Role in Ayurveda

The Kansa wand is becoming an increasingly popular tool today; however, many are not aware that it has been used for centuries in India. In fact, the Kansa wand has an important role in the practice of Ayurvedic philosophy.

What is a Kansa wand?

A Kansa wand is a small domed tool which is used to massage the face. It has a wooden handle for a comfortable grip and a dome made from sacred bronze, known as Kansa. In India, this bronze is traditionally recognised as a healing metal. It is usually paired with natural oils to perform massage and warms up during the process.

Three benefits of the Kansa wand according to Ayurveda

1. The subtle electrical conductivity generated when massaging with the Kansa wand has a calming effect on the mind and balances the mind-body energy of the three doshas.

2. The metal surface of the Kansa wand, when used in long strokes, causes a gentle friction. This friction draws acidity away from the skin to normalise the pH level. This is helpful for reducing the effects of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. You’ll notice if excess acids are present in the skin because the skin may tinge grey or black.

3. Facial massage with a Kansa wand improves the skin’s radiance and helps to combat the ageing process. This is because it improves circulation for proper cellular function, aids in drainage for a firmer appearance, and tones muscles to assist in softening any lines.

    How to use a Kansa wand

    You can easily incorporate a Kansa wand in your skin care routine. Follow these steps:

    Try this practice for 15 minutes on the face. You can also include the neck and shoulders for a longer massage.

    • Using small, circular strokes, begin with the forehead, then down the right-hand side of the face, around and up the left-hand side, returning to the forehead
    • Use larger circular strokes around the eyes and cheekbones
    • Use longer friction strokes for the jaw area

    When the Kansa wand massage is complete, finish with these steps:

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    • Posted by Coby Steel on

      I can’t tolerate oils on my skin because I break out. What can I use instead?

    • Posted by Julie Anderson on

      If the skin tints as in example number 2 how long does it take to return to the original tone ? Is treatment of some type recommended so that it does not occur again ?

    • Posted by vicki roark on

      I purchased a kansa wand….I am an aesthetician….I used the wand with the oil that came with it….my entire face turned black….like my jewelry does when I wear it….what an I do to use the wand????

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