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A Brief History of Ayurveda

A Brief History of Ayurveda

Here's a brief history of Ayurveda..

A Brief History of Ayurveda

We are often asked about the Ayurvedic influence in AWE Cosmeceuticals so we thought you would enjoy learning a little more about this wonderful and ancient system of healing and rejuvenation. Ayurveda (pronounced: Eye-Your- veda) literally translates to ‘the science of life’ and is the oldest complete medical system, dating back some 5,000 years.

Being a complete medical system Ayurveda incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person. The ancient Ayurvedic texts illustrate a comprehensive medical system, which incorporates prevention, healing, rejuvenation, surgery and spiritual components such as ethics and virtue. 

The teachings of Ayurveda were traditionally passed on orally in ancient India by Sages. From there 4 main texts were developed known as the ‘Vedas’, veda meaning knowledge in Sanskrit. These Vedas formed the basis for India’s moral, cultural and medical codes.

One of the first things an Ayurvedic practitioner will do is to determine a patient’s prakriti (constitution). There are three main doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. According to Ayurveda a person’s dominant dosha or humour will determine their physical, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle habits and predispositions. 

Our next post will focus on the Ayurvedic doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and determine your Ayurvedic skin type.

Until then, Wishing you all, as always,, affection and harmony, Rebecca Powne, Founder AWE Cosmeceuticals, B.A., Ayurvedic Studies (Indian Medicine) London, UK, B.H.Sc., Clinical Dermal Therapies, Melbourne, Australia 


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