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10 minutes with AWE Founder – Rebecca Powne

10 minutes with AWE Founder – Rebecca Powne

Get to know our founder..

“Stay true to your own beliefs and keep positive”


Have you always had a passion for the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda? If not, what was the turning point for you?

I have always had a strong interest in natural therapies in general. My interest in Ayurveda developed, whilst I was living in London, reading some articles on this ancient medical system. I was motivated to study it when I saw a story in ‘The Times’ on the first Ayurvedic Degree outside of India, which was recognised by the Indian government.

During your studies, was there a particular Ayurvedic discovery that has stuck with you?

I think the most important thing I learnt and what everybody can resonate with is finding out what my individual constitution is. Once you know where you fit, it becomes much easier to determine the positive things for you to incorporate into your life, and those which are not. For example, my constitution is predominantly Vata, so I know that being cold, eating raw foods and stress will just aggravate this dosha.

AWE = Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated. What does this mean to you?

Ancient Wisdom Encapsulated means encompassing aspects of Ayurveda (an ancient medical system), in a modern day product, with the help of current medical findings.

What do you feel many women misunderstand when it comes to skin care?

I think we over complicate things. Our skin is an amazing organ and when we are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally our skin will reflect that. I believe in general many women are too rough with their skin, meaning it is over exfoliated and unnecessary abrasives are used. Sometimes less is best and being gentle on the skin is a must. Inflamed skin causes free radical damage and can also lead to other issues such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, look for the active ingredients on a product, not on the front of packaging, but in the ingredient listing. Those listed at the top are in the highest concentration!

As we know, there are many chemicals found in skincare products on the market. What prompted you create a brand free from irritants and harsh chemicals?

Just think if every product you use in a day were to contain these chemicals? That is from body washes, shampoo and conditioner, moisturiser, make-up, hair products, etc… I think we need to look at the cumulative effect of product ingredients and also what you wash down the sink! Is it biodegradable? If there is a natural, healthier option why wouldn’t you choose that, both for your own wellbeing and for that of the planet?

If you were sent to a deserted island and could only take 2 beauty items with you, what would they be and why?

  1. Sunscreen because I burn very easily and to protect from premature ageing.
  2. AWE Cosmeceuticals Multi Oil to keep skin soft, hydrated and supple.

Rebecca top 5 tips for flawless natural beauty are:

  1. Be gentle on your skin, a mild exfoliant once a week is sufficient.
  2. Do watch what you eat…many skin problems are related to diet. Give milk a break if acne is a problem.
  3. Thoroughly cleanse your skin of any make-up before bed.
  4. Exercise, helps with circulation, which increases oxygen and also perspiration is great to eliminate toxins.
  5. Watch what you put on your skin, avoid unnecessary chemicals such as formaldehyde releasers, sulphates and parabens, these can cause sensitivity in some people. 

 Rebecca top 5 non-beauty life tips are:

  1. Reduce stress levels by meditation or spending time grounding yourself in nature.
  2. Be kind to yourself and others.
  3. Surround yourself with people you admire.
  4. Help others in need, people and animals!
  5. Learn from your mistakes or you are sure to have to repeat the lesson

Having your own business can’t always be easy. What motto do you try to life by?

Creating AWE has been tremendously rewarding and at times daunting and very stressful. I look at any negativity as a learning experience and figure there is usually a reason behind everything, even a delay in hindsight can be a blessing. The most important thing is to stay true to your own beliefs and keep positive.


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