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The Trend of Ayurvedic Skin Care

The Trend of Ayurvedic Skin Care

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The Trend of Ayurvedic Skin Care

The trend of Ayurvedic skin care is gaining momentum for its use of natural products including fruit extracts, herbal extracts, and essential oils. Modern research is turning to the holistic and safe action of Ayurveda to approach skin care complaints, in particular, the issue of aging. This is thought by most to be due to the desire of a growing number of consumers to shift away from synthetic products which they believe to have the potential for harmful side effects and can cause the body further imbalance.

Trend for natural ingredients

Compounds within botanicals are being explored as replacements for the chemical bases which form most cosmetic products. Using these compounds increases the benefit of the product to the skin, because more antioxidant, antibacterial, and hydrating properties will be present.

Natural extracts can protect the skin from the invasion of free radicals and other toxins, as well as being able to enhance hydration. Therefore, they have the ability to prevent premature aging of the skin and assist with other skin complaints, such as acne.

One Indian botanical making headway in the cosmeceuticals industry is amla, or Indian Gooseberry. As a potent source of Vitamin C, this antioxidant fends off free radicals which cause cellular damage. This activity results in significant improvements to cellular health for a revitalised complexion. Amla is classified with the Ayurvedic anti-aging property known as tvagrasayana, or retarding aging while maintaining skin health. See its benefits by moisturising with Shaanta Intensive Moisture.

Research trends

Research trends are working towards Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals being therapeutic in two ways. Urjaskara or promotive, and vyadhihara or curative. The overarching goal of these therapies in Ayurveda is to maintain balance of the three doshas, as well as to provide support to the three dhatus (body tissues) which have the largest role in skin health. This means that products are targeted towards achieving moisture balance and proper functioning of metabolic mechanisms which affect the skin, while maintaining adequate blood and nutrient circulation. Cosmeceuticals should support skin firmness, the detoxifying functions of the liver, and the health of nutritional fluids for body tissues.

Pricing trends

As the science improves and research continues into using botanicals as active ingredients in cosmeceuticals, this will affect pricing trends. Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals have been sitting at the premium end of the market, however there is scope for improvement in this area as research progresses, making them more readily available to a larger market.

This is an exciting time, with potential for further development of cosmeceuticals founded in Ayurvedic principles and ingredients from nature.

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