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Skin physiology

The skin is the largest organ of the body and as such requires nourishment and care. At AWE Cosmeceuticals™ we recognise that everyone's skin is unique. Individual skin chemistry has an impact on the effect a skin care product will produce. human-skin Your skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis (upper/outer layer) and the thicker dermis, which forms most of the structure, with fibres such as collagen and elastin. The main cell in the dermis is called the fibroblast. The health of this cell directly impacts your ability to formulate new collagen. The skin is a complex structure which is constantly changing at the upper levels. Did you know that the epidermal cells are continually being desquamated (shed), at an interval of approximately every 28 days? Although the skin’s pH is typically slightly acidic, this will change depending on the constitution of your particular skin type. Variations in your skin can be due to influences of your internal biological changes such as, the ageing process and hormone levels, as well as external factors like your environment, climate, seasonal changes and lifestyle factors such as stress and diet. All of these internal and external factors have the power to influence the natural balance of your skin.

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