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Rasayana - rejuvenation


Rasayana translates into rejuvenation. It may be used on a healthy person or one suffering from disease. It is used to restore/maintain youth, vigour and immunity.

What is Rasayana?

Rasayana is one of the eight branches of medicine in Ayurveda.

Rasayana translates into rejuvenation. It may be used on a healthy person or one suffering from disease. It is used to restore/maintain youth, vigour and immunity.

Prevention is a significant part of  Ayurveda, it is encouraged to live a balanced life according to your constitution. Predisposition to certain diseases and the knowledge to combat these comes from knowing your constitution and ruling dosha(s).

Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy can help keep the body and mind in optimum condition, which means the following:


  • All seven tissues (dhatus) of the body are well nourished.

The seven dhatus (tissues) of the body are rasa (plasma), rakta (blood), mamas (muscle), medas (fat), asthma (bone), majja (marrow), and shukra (reproductive)


  • Agni (digestive fire) is optimal


  • Elimination of wastes is normal


  • Equilibrium of doshas.


  • Psychologically the person should be happy, the mental and social wellbeing are also relevant.

When is Rasayana recommended?

Rejuvenation therapy can be required when convalescing to build strength. Rasayana is also employed due the anti-ageing benefits of many of the herbs used in this area of Ayurvedic medicine. So in terms of ageing, whether unwell or not this type of treatment is designed to maintain health and strength of the mind and body. It seeks to maintain homeostasis - balance.

Rasayana cannot reverse ageing, however it can ensure a healthier ageing process and is ideally started between the third and fifth decade.

In modern terminology rasayana is about providing the following benefits:

glowing skin, excellent physical mental and physical wellbeing, improved memory, resistance to disease and longevity. This is achieved through diet, herbal medication, lifestyle advice and social/community impact.

Traditionally, a full detoxification program, panchkarma would be followed prior to Rasayana therapies. However that does not stop you benefiting from this wonderful branch of medicine.

How to incorporate rasayana into your lifestyle?

In Ayurveda like increases like, therefore doing things with opposite effects are usually recommended. See your individual dosha vata, pitta or kapha for advice on diet and lifestyle choices. Listen to your mind and body and NOURISH it!

Your constitution is the most important defining factor in diet, lifestyle and psychological attributes. Find out more here.

Stress is particularly ageing to the body, internally and externally. Learning to deal with stress and reduce it on a daily base is paramount to a healthy mind.

  •  Nourish your body and mind
  • Find out your dosha, if you don’t already know
  • Eat according to your constitution
  • Feed your body with healthy, unprocessed foods
  • Eat mainly plant based foods
  • Try meditating everyday, in need only be 10 minutes
  • Avoid toxins; use skin care which does not contain harmful ingredients, eat fresh foods, avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
  • Hydrate your body, internally and externally - nourishing oils are excellent for the skin and hair. Essential fatty acids are also vital to our physical and mental health.
  • Be happy! Show gratitude, help someone else less fortunate than yourself, be a role model.


Rasayana treatments are orientated around Vata balancing herbs, due to the building up of tissues, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and nourishing benefits. Our zithila Multi Oil, indiraa Age Recharge serum and moisturiser, codayati Renewal System and new iddha 4X Vitamin C booster, are all perfect for age related conditions as well as providing the skin with necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Common herbs used in rasayana

Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Pippali, Guggulu, Amalaki, Shartavari, Haritaki

Please note this is not a comprehensive list and is not intended as medical advice. Before taking any supplements check with your health care practitioner or Ayurvedic Doctor for prescriptions based on your constitution. Rasayana herbs are recommended based on your constitution and current health status.

Have you used any of the above herbs? If so, we’d love to hear your experiences.





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