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How to LOVE yourself!

How to LOVE yourself!

Did you lose YOUrself in 2016?

How to LOVE yourself!

Looking back at 2016 – was it a year for YOU or everyone else?

We often lose ourselves amongst the complexities of life and commitments such as work, family, kids, home duties etc….so ask yourself these questions?

  • Did you make others the priority and forget about YOU?
  • Did you show YOUrself patience?
  • Did you give YOUrself time?
  • Did YOU learn something new?
  • Did YOU enjoy a break from the hum-drum? (Even a regular walk or yoga class counts!)

In summary – did you lose YOUrself in 2016?

If so, we bet, like us you are wondering how to bring yourself back into focus this year? But where do we start? And which areas of our life should we focus on first? It can be complex and this can often prevent us from starting the journey of self-discovery and wellness.

This month, we aim to help simplify it for you…using the fabulous ‘Journey Of Me’ (or JOM) Wellness Diary from Wellineux as a driving force and guidance. Let’s begin…are you with us?

At Wellineux, they believe that wellness is the sum of eight integrated areas: discovery (see below for a link to download this chapter for FREE!), nutrition, movement, rest, mind, connection, resources and growth. These eight dimensions are intertwined, and it is only when all eight dimensions are nurtured that one can achieve ultimate wellness as a whole.

Working through the specific areas allows you to tackle a different area in your own time, perhaps a month each and shine the spotlight on your life at present, what you wish for and how you can makes those changes for the future.

Month 1 – FOR THE SOUL who am I? What is important to me? What are my values and talents? My vision and goals.

Month 2 – FOR THE BODY/MIND how do I give myself nutrition? Keeping a food diary and assessing how you feel with each meal to highlight the correlation between food & mood.

Month 3 – FOR THE BODY what exercises do you enjoy/prefer? What do you find challenging with these? What would you like to try?

Month 4 – FOR THE BODY/MIND how sleep & rest are core to functioning at your personal best. Creating your best rest routine.

Month 5 – FOR THE MIND mindfulness, focus and distractions. The strong link between our mind & body.

Month 6 – FOR THE SOUL connections, relationship and acceptance of the ways these can change through different phases of our lives.

Month 7 – FOR THE SOUL/MIND adding value to your life through your resources, budgeting and awareness of support available.

Month 8 – FOR THE MIND, BODY & SOUL – seeing our growth through a variety of including our work, connections, sense of purpose and of course, the challenges we face.

See! Breaking this down into bite-size modules is a much less daunting way to tackle it all. It keeps you in control and driven. It’s YOUR journey, so enjoy it…

Easy Tips to care for you & nurture your mind, body + soul:

  • Daily affirmations – write these onto ‘post-it’ notes and pop on your mirror, lunch box and in your handbag. When you see them read it aloud, take 3 deep breaths and then repeat silently to yourself so it stays with you all day. You can find affirmations and quotes all over the internet using a simple google search, or buy a kit of affirmation cards from many places.
  • On your inevitably long ‘to-do’ list, ensure you include YOU and what you need to do for you. Take time to highlight 3 things to definitely ‘achieve’ in the day and MAKE SURE ONE IS FOR YOU! In doing so, you will feel nourished, fulfilled and also accomplished and in control to tackle all those extra things on the list.
  • Enroll in a a class or course that interests you. It doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, meditation, sports, knitting, swimming or car mechanics…if it interests you…it feeds your mind & soul.
  • Keep a food diary (an honest one!) for a week or two and without putting any pressure on yourself, see if you can tweak a few little things to make yourself feel better. For example, if you enjoy a glass of wine most nights, but would prefer to pace it out, try a different yet exciting non-alcoholic drink mid week and enjoy that glass on a Friday and Saturday night. It’s simple changes like this that we often find it easier to stick to and see results!

And finally, have patience with yourself and know that these changes don’t happen overnight but you’ll get there. So whether your glass is half-full or half empty the simple truth is that…”you cannot draw from an empty cup!”. So fill yours now and keep it topped up throughout 2017 with these simple daily measures!

Here’s to a fulfilled and loving 2017. We love you, so love yourself too!



A little bit about Wellineux

Wellineux is a Melbourne based wellness collective that provides innovative and practical health, wellbeing and mindfulness support to both individuals and corporates.
The first chapter of their best selling 8 month wellness guide, the ‘Journey of Me’ delves deep into the wellness dimension of ‘Discovery’. Download this chapter for free at and discover the values that underpin the authentic you. It’s a chapter about personal discovery, and your sneak peek into the wellness journey ahead.

The result? A clearer vision for your future and an intimate knowledge of the steps you need to take to get exactly where you want to go.

IG | FB | PIN: @wellineux


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