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Healthy Skin Through Exercise

Healthy Skin Through Exercise

Want that glow? Exercise!

Healthy Skin Through Exercise

You already know that exercise is important for cardiovascular health, maintaining a healthy weight, and providing stability to your mindset. But did you know that exercise is also vital for skin health? This is because your skin depends on good circulation to remain youthful and vibrant.

How circulation affects the skin

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all working cells, including skin cells. An increased flow of blood encourages effective function and vitality by increasing the nutrients available to cells. The blood also carries away with it waste products, including free radicals, from skin cells, ready for neutralisation by the liver.

How stress relief impacts the skin

The skin’s sebaceous glands produce excess oil when there is an increase in stress hormones. This means conditions like acne and eczema can easily become inflamed during periods of stress. Exercising is a natural way of reducing stress levels and helping to prevent flare-ups from skin diseases like these.

Additionally, stress provides a gateway for free radicals which damage skin cell structure and function, resulting in signs of ageing. Extended periods of stress can impact metabolic function, which is responsible for skin cell renewal. Reducing stress through exercise is therefore beneficial in preventing premature ageing.

The correct exercise for your dosha

Just like eating and using the appropriate skin care for your dosha, it’s important to exercise according to your dosha to keep it in balance. For the vata dosha, lighter exercise such as walking is ideal. More moderate forms of exercise are required for pitta, such as swimming and skiing. The kapha dosha, in line with its thicker, heavier characteristics, requires intense cardiovascular exercise in the form of aerobics or jogging. Yoga asanas can be performed by people of all doshas as part of their exercise routine and to significantly reduce stress. Daily exercise is essential for everyone, but it’s just as important not to overexert yourself.

How to protect your skin when exercising

Although exercising brings many benefits to skin health, your skin needs some additional protection before, during, and after exercise. Maintain healthy skin by following these tips:

  • Cleanse skin prior to exercising to help pores remain clear
  • Makeup can block pores, so don’t wear it when exercising
  • Wear sun protection such as sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves while exercising outdoors
  • Avoid sun exposure between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm when UV rays are strongest
  • Wear moisture-wicking clothing to prevent chafing
  • After exercising, take a shower

After showering, treat your skin with care by applying nirvaata Calming Serum. The serum is specially designed to prevent or soothe skin irritation from external stressors like sun exposure. Once the serum has been absorbed, apply shaanta Intensive Moisture to rehydrate skin on a cellular level.

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