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Food Combining For Better Digestion

Food Combining For Better Digestion

Here are some tips on how to improve digestion and decrease bloating and tiredness..

Food Combining For Better Digestion

Wellness from within is a key concept of Ayurvedic practice, and a the principle of food combinations are believed to improve digestion and decrease bloating and tiredness in the short term, and more serious health issues long term.

Foods combinations to avoid


  • Dairy

Milk should be consumed on its own and not with any other food combination. Other dairy products should not be consumed with fruit unless it is stewed.

  1. Fruit

Again, fruit should mot be combined with other foods, and should be eaten at least 20 minutes before other foods. Small quantities are best, particularly if raw.

  1. Beans

Beans are best consumed with veggies, nuts, and grains – and not fruit, dairy and meat proteins.

  1. Bread

Bread should also be eaten alone, and gluten free is best for easier digestion. Otherwise opt for breads made from spelt, or sourdoughs made in the traditional way.

  1. Proteins

Have only one protein source per meal, whether it is milk based or meat based.

To help with digestion you can also try drinking a glass of warm water and ginger before a meal, sip tepid water during your meal, and chew slowly and mindfully.

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