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Five Common Causes of Dry Lips

Five Common Causes of Dry Lips

Learn how to have a smooth, supple and healthy lips..

Five Common Causes of Dry Lips

Smooth and supple lips are desirable and can also be an indicator of general health. But the lips are prone to moisture loss more than any other part of the body because lip skin lacks oil glands.

The loss of lip moisture results in tightness, splitting, chapping, and inflammation, all of which can cause discomfort. Moisture loss may be caused by both internal and external factors. According to Ayurveda, the lips are particularly prone to dryness during the cold and dry climate of winter, which results in an excess of Vata.

Five common causes of dry lips are:

  1. Lack of protection from the elements

The dry and cold weather of winter is perhaps the most common cause of dry lips. However, there are other combinations of environmental conditions you may encounter which cause moisture loss as well. For example, being out on the ocean on a sunny day with the salty breeze can result in moisture loss. Snow skiing which causes the wind to whip around you is also a situation which frequently causes dry lips. Consuming alcohol in these situations will also contribute.

  1. Dehydration

A lack of adequate hydration can quickly lead to dry lips, just as it will dehydrate the rest of the skin.

  1. Biting and licking the lips

Biting or licking your lips can remove the moisture from them and dry them out. Once your lips start drying out, it can be more tempting to lick them, however this will not restore moisture to them. You will end up a dry layer of flaking skin across the layer of skin below which still contains moisture.

  1. Toothpaste and other products

Many kinds of toothpaste contain sodium lauryl sulphate which has been found to irritate the lips and cause loss of moisture. Some cosmetics and skin care products can have the same effect.

  1. Mouth breathing

Snorers, allergy sufferers, and people with sleep apnoea are all vulnerable to the effects of excessive mouth breathing. One of these is the drying out of the lips which is caused by air continuously passing over them.

How to help dry lips:

  • Drink plenty of room-temperature water
  • Consume a Vata balancing diet of sweet, salty, and sour taste profiles
  • Apply Zithila Multi Oil which has a combination of natural oils for moisturising and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Apply Rasadana Hydrating Mask overnight, which contains organic honey and aloe vera which are nature’s moisturisers
  • Dip a black tea bag in warm water and press to the lips for a few minutes to increase moisture

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