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Abhyanga - Self massage


Massaging has numerous benefits for both mind and body.  Ayurveda daily rituals incorporate self massage (abhyanga) to be done before or after showering.

Massaging has numerous benefits for both mind and body.  Ayurveda daily rituals incorporate self massage (abhyanga) to be done before or after showering.

Massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system, provides oxygen to the area being worked on, improves skin texture and releases muscles tension…and it feels amazing!

Ok, so if you’re anything like me lying on a massage table doing nothing for an hour is absolute bliss! But unfortunately that’s not a daily reality, so we must take action ourselves.

Set aside at least five minutes to ensure patience and calm are achieved throughout the massage. When performing abhyanga, it’s important to begin with the extremities and work towards the centre of the body.

Before self-massaging the feet, try a warm foot soak for grounding and rejuvenation. As well as relieving tension and softening the skin of the feet, a foot soak also benefits eye health. Try sandhya Meditation Bath Salts with Himalayan cinnamon berry oil to evoke feelings of self-love and alleviate inflammation.

For Vata I recommend massaging after a shower to keep those nourishing oils on the skin, exactly where is is needed to hydrate and provide suppleness to relieve dry skin. Think heavy oils, such as sesame or grape seed and why not add your favourite essential oil blend to relax yourself that bit more. See our  Vata essential Oil blend.

Pitta is slightly oily, so massage before or after showering is fine. I recommend a slightly less heavy oil for pitta and also, something that has cooling qualities.  Add Pitta essential oil blend for the perfect cool down.

Kapha is generally an oilier skin type and requires a lighter oil. Coconut oil is suitable and I also like hemp seed as it leaves a nice sheen, without stickiness. Oil can be used prior to bathing or showering and left to infuse for around ten minutes. Kapha oils should be warming and stimulating, such as Kapha essential oil blend.

Our zithila MuIti Oil features jojoba, pomegranate, hemp and raspberry seed oils for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is perfect for all dosas, being both nourishing as well as leaving a nice sheen on the skin, without tackiness.

Why not try adding abhyanga to your daily routine a few times a week? 

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