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3 steps to ‘rejuvenated’ skin…

3 steps to ‘rejuvenated’ skin…

Here are 3 simple steps to beautifully fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Winter is finally over (for those of us in the southern hemisphere that is) and at the end of a long, chilly season our skin can appear lacklustre and somewhat neglected. This month we help guide you through a very simple 3 steps to beautifully fresh and rejuvenated skin, ready to tackle all the spring has to offer!


Simply put, use of a facial cleanser is to remove excess oil, dirt and, of course, make-up from your skin. Ensure you select a cleanser that works WITH your skin, gently cleansing without removing too many of the skin’s natural oils and de-stabilising the skin’s barrier function. The skin barrier controls water loss from the complexion, very very important!

So now that we have established why cleansing is important, how often should you cleanse your skin? We recommend that you use a facial cleanser such as our vimala Gentle Cleanser in the morning and evening, remembering to double cleanse when removing make-up.


Moisten face and hands with water, and apply 1 generous pump of the vimala Gentle Cleanser to the palm of your hand. Lather slightly in hands and use fingertips to apply to your face, gently circulating the soap-free formulation over the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat if desired or if removing make-up. Pat skin dry with fresh clean towel or dry face washer.


We naturally shed millions of skin cells every day, however this shedding tends to slow down as our skin matures. This means that old skin cells remain longer on mature skin and contribute to skin appearing dull and grey. By including exfoliation in your skin care routine, you can reach and reveal the fresh, new skin cells giving your skin a new rejuvenated glow.


Apply a small amount of exfoliator such as our samskrta Skin Polish to cleansed, skin and similar to cleansing, massage across skin in a circular motion, avoiding eyes of course. Exfoliate for 30 seconds and then leave on skin for at least 30 seconds before rinsing. This is to promote additional enzymatic exfoliation in-built into our cosmeceutical formulation. Rinse and pat skin dry again.

Note: there is a fine line between exfoliating your skin, and aggravating your skin. Select a mild exfoliant and using only once to twice per week is ample.


When it comes to a toner, we really need to ask why-not? This humble product can treat excess oil to dehydration and everything in between. Toners hydrate, soothe and can even treat skin with their  active formulations, often using glycerin or lactic acid to help lock in moisture and encourage cellular turnover. Clarifying oils and extracts are often also used to balance the skin, leaving a fresh, clean, soothed and hydrated complexion. Use of a toner helps prepare the skin to receive the optimal benefits of your other skin care products, cementing its place in the skin routine between cleansing/exfoliating and serum or moisturiser application.

How to TONE

Apply your toner with a cotton pad after cleansing (and/or exfoliating) or spray at any time to refresh skin. Simply spray tonic onto cotton pad and wipe face in an outward direction to remove any excess oil and residual make-up.

When choosing a toner, look for non-drying extracts that help soothe, calm, and clear whilst hydrating and nourishing the complexion. Water-based toners are safer for you and generally better in delivery than alcohol or glycol-based options.

What next?

Finish up with your favourite AWE Serum to target your area of need, such as:

Anti-ageing – Age Recharge Serum

Pigmentation – Lightening Serum

Acne/breakout prone skin – Clearing Serum

Sensitive skin – Calming Serum

Complete your rejuvenation with the AWE must-have marja Rejuvenate Moisturiser! What is a better finish to clean, clear, vibrant skin than a smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated complexion? AWE’s marja Rejuvenate Moisturiser is a versatile facial moisturiser with 8% gluconic acid, blended with powerful anti-oxidants to delivery long-lasting hydration and protection against those dreaded ageing free radicals. Better still, it’s suited to most skin types and works as the perfect primer before applying make-up!

Apply to cleansed skin over recommended serum. Use 1 to 2 pumps of Rejuvenate and gently massage over face and neck in a circular motion.


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