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Sun damaged Skin Care

UVA and UVB rays irradiate the skin resulting in numerous free radicals and inflammatory responses. Sun damaged Skin CareOur skin has a clever system of protecting us from these harmful rays via a complex process of melanin production. Even so, irradiation breaks down the collagen and elastin fibres which are vital to skin structure and the youthful appearance of the skin. Often this deterioration may initially be noticed as fine lines upon the skin’s surface which may deepen gradually over time. Hyperpigmentation (a darkening of the skin) is another common sign of sun damaged skin as are talangiectasia (visible red capillaries). A very serious concern of sun damage is the increased risk of cancerous lesions (skin cancer). The single most effective and protective measure against sun damage for adults and children is the daily application of an effective sun block. Sun damage is something that we are all warned about, but how many of us actually take proactive actions to protect our skin from the harmful rays of sun? And how exactly can Ayurveda help in this process? Well, we can learn about managing sun damage from what we know about the Pitta dosha and skin care. This Ayurvedic dosha is naturally inclined to heat and people who have Pitta skin must pay particular attention to eating cooling foods, and applying cooling treatments to the body. Recommended sun damaged skin care products: Lightening Serum, Recharge SerumRenewal System

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