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Spring new life into your skin!

Spring new life into your skin!

Here are a few tips on how to ‘spring’ new life into your skin.

Spring new life into your skin!

Spring is the perfect time to detox and more importantly breathe deeply, inhaling all that fresh new spring air into your lungs, body, and skin. When we say ‘Spring Clean’ it’s not just your home we are talking about! Our skin and bodies often need a clear out too after the heavy, dry, cold months of winter.

Below, we share a few tips on how to ‘spring’ new life into your skin.

1. Deep clean, scrub and refresh.

Don’t’ forget to cleanse twice per day and double cleansing is highly recommended. Look at it this way, the first cleanse removes excess surface dirt and impurities, and the second massages deeper into the pores clearing out stubborn dirt, oils and grime. Remember the neck and décolletage too (the neck-meets-chest area). This may even help pores appear smaller and of course skin fresher! AWE recommends vimala Gentle Cleanser, 125ml RRP $39.

When thoroughly cleansed, now is the time to receive the MOST from your exfoliator. So after cleansing, pat skin dry and then apply a natural facial polish or scrub and massage in a circular motion over face, neck & décolletage. Activate the massage for at least 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water. AWE recommends samskrta Skin Polish, 50ml RRP $39.

2. The easiest one ever – drink more water!

Winter isn’t always conducive to consuming lots of fresh, cool water but spring is the perfect time to replenish. So grab that water bottle and carry it with you, in your handbag, car, to work and the gym. Aim for 1.5-2L per day if you can. It’s not as hard as you think. 1 x 250ml glass upon waking, 1 after breakfast, with lunch, mid-afternoon, with dinner and before bed and there’s 1.5L right there! And if you aren’t a fan of cool plain water, try room temp water or add a slice of fresh lemon for flavour, zing and a revitalising detox drink.

3. Eat for the season.

Consume cooling foods to combat that post-winter lack-lustre feeling. Avoid hot and spicy foods and opt for fresh, lighter and astringent foods such as spring greens, celery, artichokes and lighter meats like chicken and turkey. Detoxifying spices such as ginger and cayenne or black pepper are great so perhaps a fresh, spring stir fry tonight?

4. Get ahead of the game in controlling summer pigmentation.

If you are prone to pigmentation, start using a lightening serum before summer. Summer is when pigmentation often darkens, so try getting in beforehand with products that help control excess melanin production.

5. Now that you’ve renewed the skin from the inside-out, don’t forget the outside-in!

Resurface and renew the complexion for optimal skin performance with a retinol based lotion. Opt for a pure-encapsulated retinol lotion that allows for results with the absolute minimum of sensitivity, such as the AWE codayati Renewal System, 30ml RRP $69.

The Renewal System is a vitamin A based 1% pure retinol lotion encapsulated to produce superior results without causing unnecessary irritation. The Retinol and Vitamin C both use Cyclosystem complex technology; a starch derivative of 100% vegetable origin, that allows effective delivery of these essential active ingredients. Vitamin A is essential for good skin health and has been proven to assist your skin’s cellular replenishment.

The unique blend of the codayati Renewal System with Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Tocopherols and Gotu kola, results in the visible improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes. Your Vitamins A,B,C + E in 1!

6. Moisturise gently for a smooth, vibrant complexion.

What is a better finish to clean, clear, vibrant skin than a smooth, hydrated complexion? Opt for an active moisturiser that will balance your skin, allowing additional moisture where it’s needed and not sitting where it’s not. AWE’s marja Rejuvenate Moisturiser, 50ml RRP $49, is a versatile day and night facial moisturiser with 8% gluconic acid, blended with powerful anti-oxidants to delivery long-lasting hydration and protection against those dreaded ageing free radicals. Better still, it’s suited to most skin types and works as the perfect primer before applying make-up!


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