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Kapha Skin Care (for normal to oily skin)

Kapha Skin Care (for normal to oily skin)

Here are some tips on how to keep your Kapha skin in balance and looking perfectly plump and healthy.

Kapha Skin Care (for normal to oily skin)

Depending on your own particular dosha (either  Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) your body and mind will have certain properties and characteristics as a result of the combined elements of water, earth, space, air, and fire. The Kapha dosha, comprised of earth and water, typically has a skin type that is plump and full of moisture. This is great because people with Kapha skin tend to age very well, but this skin type can also lean on the side of oiliness and can be prone to harbouring toxins.

If you have a Kapha skin type, you will need to focus your cosmeceutical skin care routine on removing the toxins from your body and boosting your metabolism so that your Kapha skin can be kept in balance. This begins with the foods that you consume. In order to avoid the potential oiliness of Kapha skin, you should try to remove an excess of fat and oils from your body, and try to consume more dry foods. Instead of using wet methods to cook your food such as frying and boiling, try baking and grilling your foods instead.

Foods with superb detoxifying properties that you should attempt to consume on a regular basis include green leafy vegetables and ginger. Replace sugar with honey and eat spicy foods to encourage your metabolism, which will keep your skin looking healthy.

In terms of skin care products, again you will need to focus on ingredients that remove toxins. Ingredients that you should keep an eye out for include turmeric, alamaki, and red sandalwood. If you have Kapha skin, you should also place a greater emphasis on cleansing and exfoliation than on moisturising, as your skin is likely to have excessive moisture already.

Follow these simple rules of Ayurveda skin care and you should have no problem keeping your Kapha skin in balance and looking perfectly plump and healthy.


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