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HOW TO…’Recharge’ your skin

HOW TO…’Recharge’ your skin

Here are some tips and pointers for easy ways to RECHARGE YOUR SKIN in 6 easy steps.

HOW TO…’Recharge’ your skin

For most of us, life is busy, sometimes too busy, and long days and nights can exhaust not only us but our skin, having a detrimental effect on our skin.

When does our skin need recharging?

Tell-tale signs that our skin is in desperate need of a ‘recharge’ are tired-looking, dull, drab and lack-lustre skin. This can appear at any time of year and isn’t necessarily determined by external factors such as temperature, season and pollution.

So why settle for this ‘tired’ look when re-energising your skin is now easier than ever. Below are some tips and pointers for easy ways to RECHARGE YOUR SKIN in 6 easy steps.

#1. Have a good old-fashioned clear out!

What we mean buy this is simply exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! A large factor in dull, tired looking skin is the accumulation of expired skin cells on your face. Opt for a gentle exfoliator or skin polish and use 1-2 times for per week until your recharged skin is revealed and maintained.

#2. The Art of Cleansing.

Too little and dirt and grime build up and congest your skin, leading to acne, blemishes and nasty skin conditions. Too much and you can easily dry out your skin, encouraging a rapid and uncontrolled release of oils which will also unbalance the skin, providing and environment for which those bacteria can breed.

Want a simple cleansing tip? Choose a natural-base, gentle cleanser and use it twice daily. If you choose one with enzymatic actives this will also stimulate exfoliation of the skin, revealing a fresh, vibrant complexion every time!

#3. You are what you eat.

It’s as simple as that. Great skin is more than just on the surface, it’s built from within and the aid of a healthy, balanced diet cannot be overestimated.

Did you know that lack-lustre skin can very easily be caused by the intake of unhealthy fast food? Obviously it’s full of refined carbs, the ‘bad’ oils and high sugars. Instead, stock the fridge full of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and cereals are all healthy skin food and your complexion with glow!


  • If ‘on the go’, some healthier snack options are brown rice sushi, chicken wraps and pre-packaged fruit salad with yoghurt. Yum!
  • Drink more water! Not only will it rid your body of toxins, it will stimulate blood flow to your skin, giving you a brighter complexion in no time.

#4. Sunshine – in moderation.

Don’t we just love that feeling of sun on our skin in the middle of a crisp winter? It’s key to remember that UV rays can wreak havoc on our skin and make it look dull and discoloured. Always wear a broad- spectrum sunscreen – yes even in winter!

#5. Get your beauty sleep. 

We’ve all heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’, but did you know just how important this is? Sleeping allows the skin cells on our face to rest, relax and literally ‘recharge their batteries’. In fact by clocking in a solid eight hours of sleep, you can almost certainly wave goodbye to puffy eyes, many a dark circle as well as red, itchy eyes.

#6. Lock away moisture and target anti-ageing – with your RECHARGE COMPANION.

The final way to welcome your new, illuminated and recharged complexion, is to select a daily treatment to allow all the above; exfoliation and cellular turnover, healthy natural goodness in actives to promote skin rest and renewal, long lasting moisture and direct attention to aiding in skin repair and elasticity.

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Suitable for ALL skin types and ALL ages, not just those concerned about ageing, this serum boasts Pro-Youth Complex™, an exclusive blend of the most advanced peptides available and is designed to help provide cellular repair, renewal and longevity to your skin.

Reveal your recharged skin NOW for only $69!

Reveal your recharged skin NOW for only $69!


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