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Feeling Anxious? 10 Ways That Ayurveda Can Help

Feeling Anxious? 10 Ways That Ayurveda Can Help

Here are 10 ways to balance vata and help with anxiety..

Our busy lifestyles make us prone to emotional disorders like anxiety. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, feelings of anxiety are usually an indication that vata needs to be pacified. Vata is characterised as light, mobile, cold, dry and rough. Ayurveda is founded on the understanding that like increases like. Therefore, to balance vata, we need to seek the opposite characteristics in our diet and lifestyle.

Here are 10 ways to balance vata and help with anxiety:

  1. Soak in a warm bath

Practice self-care and take some time to retreat. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Sandhya Bath Salts to a warm running bath. These bath salts contain organic cinnamon berry oil to enhance the heart chakra for self-love.

  1. Practise abhyanga

Follow your bath with nourishing self-massage using oil. Apply Zithila Multi Oil and massage all the way from the scalp to the feet. Use circular motions on the centre of the body and joints.

  1. Establish a facial care regimen

Hydration and a focus on anti-ageing are important for pacifying vata and reducing anxiety. These products are ideal:

  1. Encourage a warming lifestyle

Drink warm milk with honey and saffron in the evening. Sleep with a hot water bottle at your feet. These night-time practices help resolve insomnia brought on by vata aggravation.

  1. Practise pranayama

Pranayama is yogic breathing which helps to settle the nervous system. An ideal pranayama technique is alternate nostril breathing which may be practised for ten to fifteen minutes each day to balance the channels of the mind.

  1. Eat to pacify vata

To pacify cold and light vata, a diet rich in salty, sour, sweet, warm, spicy, and oily foods is important. Foods such as soups, stews, and sweet fruits prevent the accumulation of vata. It’s also important to drink plenty of room temperature or warm water.

  1. Practise yoga

Holding poses such as child’s pose and downward facing dog is beneficial for settling anxiety. Restorative yoga classes rather than those which practise flowing movements are best.

  1. Develop a balanced routine

A routine helps align us with nature to stabilise body and mind. This helps counteract the mobility of vata. For the foundation of a good routine, it’s important to sleep and eat at the same times each day.

  1. Disconnect and spend time in nature

Slow down and take a walk in your natural surroundings. Fresh air and the beauty of nature does wonders to calm negative thoughts.

  1. Marma points

Marmani are energy points on the skin’s surface that connect to deeper pathways of energy in the body. Tala hrida marma is the point for balancing anxiety. Make a left-handed fist and note where the middle finger touches the palm. Press firmly here with your right thumb for one minute to find relief from anxiety.

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